Yesido C163 Airvent Transparent Car Holder


Yesido C163 Airvent Transparent Car Holder

AED 89.00 AED 105.91

Newly upgraded gravity car holder, Tempered glass panel + olecranon clip, Gravity linkage, One-handed operation, Universal rotation, Aluminum alloy material, Tempered glass panel
CoOne-handed Operation, When you put it down, it will be clamped.
Gravity Linkage, Triangle fixed phone, more secure, Use the gravity of the phone to pull Clamp arms on both sides lock the phone, Easily cope with the speed bump / emergency brake bumpy mountain road
Upgrade thick silicone pad, strengthen buffer, protect mobile phone, Non-slip silicone, Striped anti-skid clamp arm design Can effectively solve the problem of mobile phone shaking, Alloy body
Upgrade olecranon clip, The olecranon clip design, the bracket is not easy to fall when clamping the air outlet, Push the button, Silicone pad, Spin button

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