Wuw Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 10000Mah Gold


Wuw Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 10000Mah Gold

AED 249.00 AED 296.31

Be Prepared to make Wireless Charging a Snap with this Elegant, Durable and Reliable perfectly aligned Magnets attach to your Apple iPhone Serieses and provide Easy Wireless Charging. Portable, Light & Easy to carry Backup Battery of 10000 mAh Power Bank anytime anywhere, suitable for home & office and useful for trips & travel. Make it handy in your travel suitcase, laptop bag, or car. with USB QC Output Port to also charge your other phones and digital devices on the move!
Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Bank Compatible with MagSafe for Apple iPhone Seriesesx. Also Compatible to Wirelessly Charge All other Qi Enabled Devices
Elegant, reliable, and hard from durable materials
Portable, light, and easy to use and carry around with designed smooth surface for a good grip

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