Sony Srs-Xe300 Wireless Speaker Black


Sony Srs-Xe300 Wireless Speaker Black

AED 869.00 AED 999.00

WIDER SOUND FOR BETTER PARTIES – The XE300 has a Line-Shape Diffuser that will help your sound reach further than ever. Plus, with its portable size and 24-hour battery life, it’s the perfect partner for your next party
INTRODUCING A LINE SHAPE DIFFUSER – Inspired by the audio systems used at professional concerts, Sony’s unique Line-Shape Diffuser creates line source and distributes the sound energy much more evenly, across a wide sound front, to better fill your venue with audio.
INCREASING SOUND PRESSURE AND REDUCING DIFFUSION – The unit’s non-circular shape not only maximises the area of speaker diaphragm, increasing sound pressure for more punchy bass, it also reduces driver excursion while maintaining the same sound pressure, resulting in less distortion.
GREATER CLARITY AND A WIDER SOUND STAGE – In addition, the unit’s off-centre design and optimised weight balance help to enhance clarity and widen the sound stage.
DUAL PASSIVE RADIATOR – Dual passive radiators reproduce powerful bass notes.
WATER WON’T STOP YOU – The XE300 is waterproof and even salt water resistant, so you’ll have no worries by the sea or the pool, and there’s no problem washing it either
24 HOUR BATTERY AND AMBIENT NOISE SENSING – The XE300 will give you 24-hours of play when the battery is fully charged, that means that a single charge should be long enough to power through any party.

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